55 Gallon Drums

People have been using cylindrical large volume containers for hundreds of years. These drums (or barrels, as the term is interchangeable) are typically used to transport liquid goods or solids that don’t typically fit well in smaller or flimsy containers that will break down too easily. The 55 gallon wooden barrel was the most widely used, until the steel drum prototype came along. Now many industries are using the 55 gallon metal or steel drums because they are more reliable and durable.

Although wooden and steel were and continue to be widely used today, there are several other materials that are just as popular depending on what you need to use them for. These large cylindrical mass volume containers come in fiber (or dense paperboard) and fortified plastic as well. The most common use is to ship dangerous or hazardous goods. There are certain regulations and guidelines to follow on which 55 gallon drum to use depending on the goods being transported.

The 55 gallon drum is the most widely used volume container available on the market today. These average containers are roughly 35 inches in height and 24 inches in diameter. In the United States, a 25 gallon drum is a popular container as well.

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The way these drums open up at the top will vary. Some have no top at all and come open. They also come available with a welded top that you can use to cap and seal the liquids or goods inside safely when transporting them. Typically, when they come with a top to seal it, they are called barrels vs drums.

Many of these drums have what is called “chimes” to make them even more durable. The chimes are placed evenly from the top to the bottom and fasten in place so they can be flipped around or turned on their sides and rolled out, if needed.

Drums are generally stored on wooden pallets. This makes it easy for fork trucks to move them around and store them. Many people also are able to transport them over shorter distances simply by removing it from the pallet and rolling it to where it needs to go. There are also drum handlers that are spring loaded to attach to the 55 gallon drums tightly and with a firm grip.

The most common uses of the drums today include shipping hazardous materials and chemicals, but they’re also used as highway barriers filled with water to soften impact of car accidents, barriers to protect construction workers, shipping and storing whisky, oil, and even as musical instruments.

You can find these 55 gallon drums (barrels) available online at Amazon. Finding them locally can be difficult depending on location. Bigger cities generally have some available at large warehouse stores.